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I am a Professional Pet Groomer and Keeshond Breeder with close to 30 years experience Grooming exclusively within the Veterinarian Community. We are located about an hour Northeast of Atlanta in beautiful Flowery Branch, Georgia.

I got my first Keeshond quite by accident  in 1990. It was love at first sight.

MistyDay and I had 18 1/2 marvelous years together. She came into my life within days of my initial training to become a Groomer, was at work with me every day and went everywhere I could get away with taking her. Ultimately I believe she understood every word I ever said to her. 

MistyDay  was my first child, my best friend and the center of my world. She is an important part of who I am to this very day.

When she passed away in January 2008 I lost the biggest part of me. My life became one filled with deep sadness. My heart felt so heavy it seemed to almost stop beating at times. 

After months of missing her it occurred to me that I was being selfish, that I wasn't being fair to her memory by wishing I had her back

Yes, we had a full rich life together, one that filled both of our hearts with pure, unconditional love for each other. During that time we both had grown older. As difficult as it was to admit, I eventually came to the realization that our companions simply can't live as long as we do. 

As her life had been the catalyst for my coming to understand the meaning of Love, her death was the culmination of the most important relationship I had as a young adult. This experience was the foundation upon which I built my relationship with my children. MistyDay had fulfilled her duties in life and was able to return Home, just as I will one day when I fulfill my duties. 

MistyDay taught me how to love with all of my heart, with abandon and without needing constant affirmation that the feeling was mutual. 

For me, MistyDay had defined the word Love.


After this epiphany I knew one thing was certain. Having been owned by MistyDay for the better part of my life, I could not go on without a Keeshond. 

I started looking, just at photos first, and expanded from there as my daughters taught me how to 'surf the web'. Countless clicked on photos that linked to websites provided detailed information on the breed. More importantly, they provided me with the difference between a Show Keeshond and a Companion Keeshond. 

I studied the details of photos, overall appearance, descriptions of coat texture and density, facial structure, coat color and ear set then moved on to pedigrees. I could go on but I believe most of you know exactly where I am going with that. 

In short order I knew I had no interest in showing a dog nor did I have the time as a single working Mom with 3 daughters.

I wanted what I had in MistyDay. I wanted a loved, spoiled, home bred companion and research had shown me that was something that was going to be difficult to find.

There were plenty of puppies available, just not from the type of situation I was looking for. Most emails that were returned were short, demanding of deposit, uninformative and occasionally accompanied by less than flattering photos of dogs and puppies. 

It seemed that breeders had gotten lazy in their care with the ease of placing these delightful dogs. The online reviews and reports of sick or genetically compromised puppies and dogs was staggering.

My attempts to locate another best friend brought me to the conclusion that I needed to save the Companion bloodlines from the situation in which I found them when I first began my search. I have the knowledge, the desire and the resources to do it so it became the natural next step in my life's journey.

I whelped my first litter October 2, 2010. 

I knew the minute I held my first Grand Puppy in my hands that I had found my calling. 

Cusping him softly in one palm, gently rubbing him with a warm towel to help dry his coat from the amniotic fluid that had protected him for the 63 days his Mom carried him, I felt the same feeling I had when my daughters were born. I had the same thought too...I had just played a major role in a miracle. 

More to the story on my The MistyDay Method Page.

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