We recently bought a male pup "Oshie" from this 1st class breeder. She (Linda) is a pro and serious about protecting the breed and bloodline and placing her pups in an appropriate home. We had to have our local vet vouch for us. These pups are bred like royalty, and Linda would not let her pups go to the wrong home. I liked this process and Linda did not disappoint. For the 4 weeks before receiving Oshie I texted and emailed Linda many many times with questions etc. She is more than happy to answer and correspond. As she told me, these pups are her grand babies. Oshie is a unbelievable. Calm, cute, confident, smart and poised. Oshie spent 6 hours with a dog sitter we have used in the past. She has several dogs, Oshie got along great. Our dog sitter loved him too. Bottom Line: I can't give a better review . David


Our experience with Linda was absolutely awesome. This is our first puppy as a couple, and my first time getting a pet for future service training and emotional support purposes as well as companionship. When we decided to go through a breeder to ensure quality and timing, we were not received well by the first few we contacted. Linda did not turn her nose up at us for our inexperience, answering every "silly" question and sending countless photo and text updates. We were a little concerned about picking up a puppy we'd never met, but it was clear from the first minute she was brought to us that MistyDay Keeshond puppies are something remarkable. At hardly two months old, our puppy is well socialized and in possession of an awesome foundation for manners. I believe she's every bit capable of earning therapy certification, and she's already won a special place in our hearts. It takes a special kind of person to make a dog love her humans that much, and we couldn't be happier.


Our experience with Misty Day was perfection! She did absolutely everything she promised she would do. We are Keeshond fans and truly wanted another after our first passed. We were nervous going thru a breeder and not meeting the dog first, but Linda was honest, accessible and made us feel comfortable. She sent us pictures and video's thru the 8 week wait, and delivered us a beautiful healthy puppy that we love and adore. I would not only recommend her, I would use her again on our next one!!!


Terrific breeder....Puppy came as described....Linda really cares about her pups and makes sure they go to great homes. My little one is in perfect health, sweet and absolutely gorgeous. We love her madly! I recommend MistyDay highly...... Thank you, Linda!


We recently adopted a 3 yr. Old female from a previous litter of Linda's. We have always gotten puppies in the past, but are older and wished to not deal with that stage. Linda was very pleasant and professional to deal with. Our pup has a very friendly personality and is a real doll. She gets along well with people and loves other animals. She likes taking walks and being around us. Overall, the experience with Linda was very good and I would recommend her because she is a small breeder. The dogs are a part of her life and not just a part of the business. Thank you Linda.


We adopted a puppy from this breeder about 10 days ago. The puppy was about 8 weeks old. He is an absolute joy - smart, well-adjusted, HOUSEBROKEN, adapted to cats, people and other dogs. He has already learned to sit and is working on "down" and "come". He has fit in with our two miniature schnauzers. a chaotic work household and two cats. He also gets along with two 80 pound golden retrievers, though his 5.5 pound energy scares one of them. He is an absolute love. Cuddles, plays and reacts with curiousity, not fear. The breeder did an awesome job of raising him. Our vet has nothing but good things to say about his health. I would strongly recommend this breeder. She really cares about her dogs and raises them well. When it comes time to get another dog, I will certainly look to her.


My daughter and I picked up our new baby, Joy, on June 16... And she truly is a "bundle of Joy"!!! We're so glad that Linda was her first "human Mom." Not only did she "pre-pamper" Joy, but she even taught her to answer to her own name by the time she was 7 1/2 weeks old. Joy has so much energy and enthusiasm, is adventurous and brave, spunky and happy. We had previously loved two generations of Keeshonds before Joy, love her already, and, in short, we give Linda Neal an A+++ rating as a breeder and lover of our pup.